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Wednesday, 16 November 1921

Senator PAYNE (Tasmania) .- I submit that Senator Senior has overlooked a very potent fact that ought to be considered in discussing the motion. I have pointed out that Australia is not supplying anything like the requirements of the people in these commodities. In view of the fact that we have created a Tariff Board, which will report regularly with regard to the progress of various industries and the necessity for a lower or a higher Tariff, why should we in the meantime impose this unnecessarily heavy burden upon the consumer? The local factories may not be able to supply the requirements of Australia even in ten years' time, so why penalize people who must perforce wear the imported goods ?

Senator Senior - That argument would kill all Tariffs.

Senator PAYNE - Certain items in the Tariff have been deferred in their operation so that the Tariff Board can inquire into the industries concerned. When the Tariff Board has certified to Parliament that the industry is capable of catering for the requirements of the people, the imposition of the duty will be recommended.

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