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Wednesday, 16 November 1921

The CHAIRMAN - The merits of Protection and Free Trade cannot be discussed at this juncture. This is a simple request which has been slightly modified, and is not of far-reaching importance.

Senator EARLE - I am sorry that while Senator Gardiner ihas been able to have his opinions recorded in Hansard, I am denied that privilege, because I desire to assert that, the best interests of Australia, and particularly those of the workers, are conserved by levying high duties, which are not imposed with the idea of bringing revenue to the nation, but to preserve the industries in which our own people are employed. Ultimately, by the imposition of high duties, and the exclusion of importations, industries in Australia are assisted, and goods become cheaper. To carry out my desire I would have to transgress the Standing Orders, and as I do not wish to merit your reproach, Mr. Chairman, I shall conclude by saying that I regret the Leader of the Oppositiou cannot realize that the establishment of industries in Australia is in the best interest of the workers and the community generally.

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