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Thursday, 10 November 1921

Senator ELLIOTT (Victoria) .- It seems to me that this clause will put the Board entirely in the hands of the head of the Department. The Board, having gone through the Department carefully and come to the conclusion that a certain officer is inefficient, incompetent, or incapable of discharging the duties of his office, will be absolutely helpless to get rid of him if the head of the Department does not choose to report to the Board that he is inefficient. That is certainly not desirable. If the Board is to have any power to make improvements in the Service, it must be permitted to form its own judgment of the capacity or incapacity of officers, and to dispense with their services if they are incapable.

Senator Wilson - I do not see what is the use of the Board if it has not that power.

Senator ELLIOTT - That is the point I am endeavouring to make. I hope that the Minister (Senator Russell) will consider carefully the. effect of the amendment he has proposed.

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