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Friday, 4 November 1921

The CHAIRMAN - I heard the word "untruths" used, but I did not know in what sense it was applied. If Senator. Duncan says that he did not charge Senade Largie with stating an untruth the honorable senator may proceed.

Senator DE LARGIE - I am prepared to accept the honorable senator's assurance. The employee to whom I was referring was reprimanded for a trivial offence when engaged in the refreshment department in this building, and this was brought up against him in this chamber although it had occurred nearly ten years ago,notwithstanding that he left the refreshment department with a clean, record and received a recommendation.

Senator Benny - But I understood the Minister to say that no records were kept.

Senator DE LARGIE - I am not concerned with what the Minister said. I am merely quoting a case that has had my personal attention; I am stating facts which can be substantiated.

Senator Wilson - Notwithstanding what has been said, I believe records are kept.

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