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Friday, 4 November 1921

Senator PRATTEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) . - I can see the force of the Minister's argument" as applied to minor offences, particularly if the appeal means an objection to the (penalty imposed, or a lodgment of the equivalent to "not guilty." But as I read the clause, the context imposes an obligation upon the appellant, not only to appeal within fortyeight hours of the notification of his punishment or offence, but also to complete his appeal. That is the gravamen of the objection to the time limit of fortyeight hours. Even the imposition of such a small fine as 5s. presumes an offence against some regulation or other, and it would be extremely objectionable to a sensitive public servant if he felt that he were not deserving of the infliction even of a minor penalty. It is not fair to limit an appellant in this way. He may elect to seek legal assistance. Even a minor offence may be complicated in its nature. I hope the Minister will consider the point I have raised. There can be no objection to an extension of the time so far as the drafting of the clause is concerned.

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