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Thursday, 3 November 1921

Senator RUSSELL (Victoria) (VicePresidentofthe ExecutiveCouncil) . - The Board will be aresponsible body, specially selected to re-organize and stabilize the Service. "I might mention the case of an officer in 'Papua, who, for seventeen or eighteen 'years, was 'secretary to the . Executixe . Council at -Port Moresby. I belieiwe that, mainly for health reasons, on account «of . his long and continuous period of service there, he asked . to be 'transferred to Melbourne. He was sent back to the Home and Territories Department, and 'he is in that Department now. He was a competent officer, and . had held a most responsible position in Papua. A man with a record like that does not need to be examined before being given a position here. He had proved his ability, because the Executive Council in Papua controls practically all the operations of . government there. I hope that we shall be more generous in future . to men who go to 'these outposts of civilization. I have visited New Guinea, and I do not know why officers should not serve for a certain period there. Qn the occasion of my visit, we had a party of about eighteen, and not one aS us suffered the . slightest illness. Certainly we made the trip at a favorable time. ' We did not experience the monsoonal gales. Every . one of us voted the climate a splendid one, although -we' travelled many miles, and slept inland. Officers there need

Senator Wilson - You can only get good men by making the Service attractive.

Senator RUSSELL - Yes. I do not believe for a moment that a Board such as is proposed would play a joke on this Parliament by recommending the appointment of unsuitable persons. If men who are not of the right type are recommended by the Board, other people who feel that an injustice has been done to them oan appeal against the appointments within six months, and thus every protection is afforded. No officer can be appointed to any position except on probation for six months.

Senator Wilson - You have had some men on probation for three or four years, and then you have appointed other men.

Senator RUSSELL - If the honorable senator gives specific cases, I shall look into them. The Department has nothing to hide.

Amendment agreed to.

Amendments (by Senator Russell) agreed to -

That the words in sub-clause ( 1 ) " corresponding Division of the " be left out.

That sub-clause (2) be left out, with a view to insert in lieu thereof the following new sub-clause : - " Where the service, in the Territorial, or Commonwealth Railways Service, of an officer who is appointed to the Commonwealth Service in pursuance of this section, is continuous with his service in the Commonwealth Service, his service in the Territorial, or Commonwealth Railways Service, shall, for the purposes of this Act, be reckoned as service in the Commonwealth Service."

Clause, as amended, agreed to.

Clause 43-

(1)   The Governor-General may transfer for a specified period any officer of the Commonwealth Service to an office in the Territorial Service, or any officer of the Territorial Service to an office in the Commonwealth Service.

(2)   Any such transfer shall, be regarded as temporary, and shall be made upon such conditions as regards payment in addition to salary as are determined by the GovernorGeneral.

Amendment (by Senator Russell) agreed to -

That the word " may," line 1, be left out with a view to insert in lieu thereof "upon the recommendation of the Board."

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