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Wednesday, 2 November 1921

Senator ELLIOTT (Victoria) . --If the probationer is to have a further chance, why should the Board first annul the appointment and then stultify itself by giving bom a further opportunity?

Senator Russell - It is to prevent an appointment being annulled. The capabilities of a lad- may bo somewhat in doubt after he has served a period of six months, and it is proposed to give the Board discretionary power to grant a further extension for a few months to see if the longer period will 'produce the results which they anticipate.

Senator ELLIOTT - That will dispense with the proviso that the whole term shall not exceed .twelve months.

Senator Russell - A probationer would be on trial for six months, and if he were unsuitable he would not be permanently appointed; but there ma-y be instances where his capabilities were somewhat in doubt, and -this amendment will enable him to have a further opportunity.

Senator ELLIOTT - It is provided in sub-clause 2 that the period may be extended, but not beyond twelve months.

Senator Russell - There must be some limit.

Senator ELLIOTT - By the proposed amendment that limitation is annulled by giving the Board the option of further extending the period.

Senator Russell - That is the maximum. A probationer in a professional branch may pass his examinations with credit, but may not have made sufficient progress on the technical side.

Senator ELLIOTT - Does not the Minister think that the discretionary power to extend the term for twelve months meets the case?

Senator Russell - A probationer may be laid aside with typhoid or some other fever, and, in such a case, the Board must have discretionary power.

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