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Wednesday, 2 November 1921

Senator PRATTEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) . - In my judgment, the two subjects are correlated. As the Minister himself explains, this Bill sets up certain conditions of employment in the Public Service throughout the Commonwealth. It is obvious, I think, that if there is to be no superannuation scheme, the conditions in the Public Service should be better than if there is to be a scheme. The conditions of employment must be governed, to some extent, . by what is contained in the Superannuation Bill.

Senator THOMAS (NEW SOUTH WALES) -Would not the Superannuation Bill be based upon the conditions of service as laid down in this Bill ? Having decided what are to be the conditions of service, we can then consider the Superannuation Bill.

Senator PRATTEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) - So long as we know the lines upon which the Superannuation Bill will be cast when finalized.

Senator Russell - That will depend on the conditions of employment.

Senator PRATTEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) - Do I understand, then, that in dealing with this Bill we may act on the supposition that a Superannuation Bill will be brought in, and that necessarily it will be a corollary of this measure?

Senator Russell - The Government are pledged to introduce a Superannuation Bill, and I assume they will honour the pledge.

Senator PRATTEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) - I understand the Government are pledged to bring in a Superannuation Bill, and if the Minister can assure the Committee that it is receiving consideration in Cabinet, I shall be satisfied. I see very little to object to in the Bill, but I should like it to be clear that we are considering the Bill with a view to laying down the basis for a superannuation scheme.

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