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Wednesday, 12 October 1921

Senator DE LARGIE - No.

Senator Wilson - I think I remember the letter quoted being read before.

Senator DE LARGIE - No, that letter was never read to the Senate before. I defy the honorable senator to show that it was.

Senator Duncan - Did the letter come before the Select Committee?

Senator DE LARGIE - No. The reason I did not produce it before the Select Committee was that I desired that the lady should give evidence. As she did not get an opportunity to do so, I am taking care now to have the letter put on record. The affidavit or declaration made by this lady is included in the printed proceedings of the 'Select Committee. ' I ' cannot find it at the moment, but I do not think that any one will question my statement that this lady swore . an affidavit which was put in in evidence before the Select Committee. It was quite evident what would happen to the employee referred to as soon as an opportunity presented itself. During the time the Senate was adjourned this man was dismissed after being here for ten years, and without ever a complaint, one may say, against his work. According to the gene ral opinion of honorable senators and of honorable members in another place, who were acquainted with him, and saw him at his work daily, there never- was any occasion for a word to be said against him. He has been dismissed since then, and it is hardly necessary for me to fill in the reasons. I shall leave it at that, in the hope that the President will see the necessity of doing the _manly thing in connexion with this matter.

Senator E D MILLEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) - You mean that he should do what you suggest.

Senator DE LARGIE - No, I leave the matter to the President himself. Inregard to the handing over of the parliamentary officers to an outside authority

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