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Friday, 2 September 1921

Senator BOLTON (for Senator Elliott) asked the Minister for Defence, upon notice - 1. (a) What are the facts relating to the retirement of Major Sweetland from the Commonwealth Military Forces?

(c)   Was any charge of inefficiency or otherwise made against him during his service, and, if so, what are the particulars of same?

(d)   Was any inquiry made into such charge or into any facts alleged against Major Sweetland which led to his retirement, and was notice given him of any report adverse to him?

(e)   Was Major Sweetland present at such inquiry, or did he have any opportunity given him of replying to or refuting such charge or alleged facts ?

(f)   If not, why were the provisions of the Defence Act not complied with in his case?

(g)   Has Major Sweetland received his long-service furlough. If not, why not? 2. (a) What are the facts relating to the retirement of Major Weavers from the Australian Military Forces?

(c)   Was any charge of inefficiency or otherwise at any time made or alleged against Major Weavers during his service?

(d)   Was not the administration of vthe Enoggera Camp, Queensland, under his charge, favorably reported upon?

(e)   Was an inquiry made into charges or into any facts alleged against him which led to his retirement?

(f)   Is it a fact that the charges made against him were contained in a socalled personal letter to the Minister or Department, and that he was refused inspection of such letter on the ground that it was not an official report; if so, who was the writer of that letter?

(g)   Is it a fact that he issued a writ against this person claiming damages for libel, and that the action was settled by payment of £300 damages and costs to him?

(h)   Was payment of that amount, or any such amount, made by the Government on any such account?

(i)   Is it a fact that the Minister purported to authorize such payment, but that it was held up by the AuditorGeneral?

(j)   On what grounds was such payment, if any, subsequently authorized?

(k)   Would not the recent amendment of the Defence Act passed by the Senate have enabled the Minister, had it been then in force, to have refused to produce such letter in Court?

(l)   Was such amendment passed to enable the Minister in like cases to refuse production of any such document?

(m)   Was any opportunity given to Major Weavers of being heard against any charges or facts alleged against him; if not, why not?

(n)   Is it the case that Major Weavers was recently verbally informed by the Chief of the General Staff in regard to his case that, though he might insist on being reinstated by the Department, he would not find it to his interest to so insist, as there was such a thing as finding oneself not persona grata there. If this is correct, what are the reasons for such an attitude? 3. (a) What are the facts relating to the recent dismissal from Duntroon of Cadet Phillpot?

(c)   Was any inquiry held into any charges or facts alleged against him. If so, was he present, or was he given any opportunity to be heard in his defence? .

(d)   Ifhe alleges that favoritism was shown in regard to others whose cases were similar to his own, but who were not dismissed, will the Minister cause an inquiry to be made, and give an opportunity for Cadet Phillpot to be represented thereat?

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