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Friday, 26 August 1921

The CHAIRMAN (Senator Bakhap (TASMANIA) - It is only in connexion with articles not mentioned in the item that a special sub-item is necessary. The articles the honorable senator mentions are included.


That the House of Representativesbe re quested to amend sub-item (B) by making the duty on Blanks, fused, for bifocal lenses, British, ad val., 15 per cent.; intermediate, 17½ per cent. ; general, 20 per cent.

From the stand-point of the opticians, and having in view the labour employed in the industry, we would then have something like a reasonably graduated scale if my request is adopted. The lowest duty will be on blanks, fused, for bifocal lenses, the next on lenses edged for spectacles, and the highest on bifocal lenses partly or wholly finished, including such lenses imported in frames, although it is upon these last lenses that most labour is employed.

Request negatived.

Item agreed to, subject to a request.

Item 245 -

Glass, viz.: - Gas analyses apparatus, arsenical testing apparatus and tubes, evaporating basins, ad val., British, free; intermediate, 5 per cent.; general, 20 per cent.

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