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Friday, 26 August 1921

Senator PEARCE (Western AustraliaMinister for Defence) .- The total value of imports under sub-item e in 1913 was £15,294, of which £10,875 worth came from the United Kingdom, and £2,914 worth from Belgium. In 1920, the value of imports from the United Kingdom fell to £1,950, Belgium £480,. and " other " £837, or a total of only £3,267 for the year. It is not possible to give the exact value of the production of these articles in Australia, but a fairly good' idea of the extent of the output may be gained by calculating on the basis of the value of the raw material imported, namely, polished and patent plate glass under 25 square feet, plus 150 per cent, to cover cost of manufacture. On this basis, which is suggested by figures given in the report of the Inter-State Commission, volume XII., page 922, the following values result:- 1913, £155,740; 1914-15, £154,050; 1915-16, £172,500; 1916-17, £214,647; 1917-18, £109,222; 1918-19, £413,347. The statistics do not distinguish bevelled-glass factories from other ornamental glass factories in the Commonwealth, but give the following figures for the year 1917 for the whole of the " ornamental glass factories " : - Number of employees, 528; salaries and wages paid, £69,627. In pre-war days, the local manufacture was approximately 90 per cent, of the total requirements, but it is now about 99 per cent. of the whole.

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