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Thursday, 25 August 1921

Report on the ratifications of the Protocol.

It may be said that this last is a very important matter. It is, in a sense ; but it is purely formal, because the ratifications were sent out to the several members of the League, and, without exception, have been returned. Therefore, the report will be merely a bald statement that such-and-such members of the League have done this. It will be merely a formal record. And so it is with so many other matters on the agenda. Senator Lynch has asked me to indicate what other business, apart from reports from the various Committees, will come up for consideration. The agenda -paper contains this business: -

The request of Bolivia, dated 1st November, and 15th December, 1920, for the inclusion in the agenda of the 1921 session of the Assembly of the Bolivian demand for the application of article 19 of the covenant to the Treaty of Peace signed between Bolivia and Chile on 20th October, 1904. Chile, in letters dated 17th, 19th, and 28th December, 1920, has requested that notification should be made of her opposition, by moving the " previous question," to the proposal of Bolivia to include this item in the agenda of the Assembly.

Another matter is the appointment of the non-permanent members of the Council. At the last meeting of the Assembly, nonpermanent members were appointed for twelve months, and four others will have to be appointed now. The only point which remained unsettled at the last meeting of the Assembly was as to whether there should be a geographical selection or not. This matter was left open, and whilst the Assembly declined to accept a definite proposition to that effect, acting in the spirit of that gathering, it has elected China, a nonEuropean country, as a member of the Council. Another item on the agenda paper is consideration of the Budget for 1922, together with the audited accounts for the second fiscal period, and the adoption of the report.

Senator PRATTEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) - Can the Minister say what membership of the League is costing Australia?

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