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Friday, 19 August 1921

Senator GARDINER (New South Wales) . - I cannot pretend to a feeling of anger towards Senator Duncan for not being able to see the truth in this matter any more than I could feel anger towards a blind man to whom I was endeavouring to explain an error without knowing that he was blind. But the honorable senator deliberately said that Senator Thomas and I, through our attitude towards these Tariff items, desired the employment of British workmen over Australian workmen. Nothing could be further from my thoughts. I want to see the workmen of both countries fully employed. I want trade with Great Britain to be unhampered by heavy Customs duties. Senator Duncan is prepared to give a preference to Britain over Germany, Japan, and America, but he is not willing to give any preference in trade as between Great Britain and Australia. I want to cultivate that trade for our mutual advantage, and to insure employment in both countries. Just as the eyes of puppies open after a time, sohis eyes some day may also be opened.

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