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Friday, 19 August 1921

In Committee.(Consideration resumed from 18th August, vide page 11124) :

Schedule - division vi., metals and machinery.

Item 161-

Agricultural, horticultural, and viticultural machinery and implements, n.e.i.; including cane loaders, cane unloaders, and cane harvesters; channel-making graders; garden and field spraying machines; garden and field rollers; garden hose reels'; garden syringes; horse road rollers and machines; lawn mowers, sweepers, and sprinklers; road scoops and scrapers; scoops; stump extractors; fibre scutching machines; milking machines; potato raisers or diggers; potato sorters; root cutters, pulpers, and graters; straw stackers; and subsurface packers, ad yal., British, 224 per cent.; intermediate, 30 per cent.; general, 35 per Cent.

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