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Thursday, 18 August 1921

Senator PEARCE - The honorable ' senator should know that there has been practidal prohibition- of these imports for five yean.

Senator PAYNE - We all know that. The statement which nas so often been mode concerning the millions, of pounds that have been saved to the people of Australia through being able to use commodities manufactured here does not really bear on the question at all. During the war we were compelled to manufacture here, and .very great inducements were offered to manufacturers because of the profits to be made! This argument, which I have, heard used twenty or thirty times during the consideration' of the schedule, is not a- fair argument to use. I do "not begrudge local' manufacturers the profits which they made during the war ;' but it -is not fair to continually refer to the* fact that but for local manufacture* ' our people would have had to pay muck more for the commodities they use. - it is as well to remember that- they have had to pay, for the local manufactures, though it is true they may not have had'. 'to- pay 'so much as: people in other countries were called' upon' to pay for similar- goods. People- in other countries had to undergo privations of which' we . knew nothing Our industries were flourishing. We were the most favoured country in- the world at that time. :' Consequently I attach' no weight at all to the statement that has been- repeatedly made. If I can give any relief to those primary producers who have' to- work so hard, "and have' to relyon 'the world's 'market for their; returns, X shall be glad to do' so.

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