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Thursday, 11 August 1921

Senator LYNCH (Western ' Australia) (6:36 AM) . - In my opinion, the request is on the steep side, even though the industry which it is sought to protect is a new one. If there can be made of wool a material superior to kapok, it will be welcomed; but we do not wish to have to pay too much for it. Wool will get back to normal values much sooner than those interested in it will like, and recently refuse pieces, such as locks and bellies, have been sold at from 3d. to Id. per lb.

Two honorable senators' have lately sold wool at Id. per lb. If. should not need, a very costly process to convert such wool into an. article suitable for bedding; and a duty of 6'dv per lb. would be almost 500 , Der cent, ad valorem* I think- that' Senator Duncan would be well advised to' accept a duty of 2'0 per cent., putting this article on the same footing, as cotton wool.

Senator DUNCAN - NO other article competes with cot-ton wool. These duties are proposed to assist a new industry.

Senator LYNCH - I am not inclined #o support the high rates proposed, with such meagre information concerning the industry -Senator E. D. MILLEN (New South "Wales - Minister for Repatriation) [6.38 a.m.]. - I suggest" that Senator Duncan should withdraw the request, so that it may be- considered in connexion with item 402, which seems a more appropriate place for it,, that item dealing with hair- and fibre suitable for upholstering purposes. That course would give the ]Department time to look thoroughly into the matter. At present, very little informmation is available.

SenatorDUNCAN (New South- Wales) ][6.39 a.m.]. - I am prepared to meet the Minister in- this matter, being assured by those who are making these mattresses - Newlands Brothers - that, they have northing to1 fear, and court the fullest investigation: So confident are they of the merits of their case that I am sure they would be willing to leave this matter, to the Department for inquiry. I wish to know, however, whether I shall be in order in moving to amend item 402. I do not wish to be told when we come to ihat item that I have lost my opportunity 4o do anything. On the understanding that I shall be allowed to move my request on item 142, I ask leave to with.draw it now.

Request, by leave, withdrawn; Item agreed to.

Item 124 (Braids); and item 125 (Felt) agreed to.

Item 126 -

Saddlers' Webs, Upholsterers' Webs, Collar Check and Collar Cloth 36 inches and oyer in width, Saddlers' Kersey, Saddlers' Serge and Felt; Pelt- for lining horse and cattle rug's, ad' val., British free, intermediate free, general 10 per cent.

Senator LYNCH(Western Australia)? {&.41 a.m/.} - This; item) includes1 collar cheek to which Senator Guthrie! made some reference? and I suggest' to- the Minister that in view of what Sen'ator Guthrie said he might postpone the consideration of this item! until' the honorable senator is present. If there is an industry in Melbourne engaged in production of collar check, I see' no reason, why it' should', not be given a chance;

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