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Wednesday, 10 August 1921

Senator GARDINER (New South Wales) . - Whenever Senator Lynch speaks I think of the primary producer, and in discussing this item I recall the splendid encouragement given to primary production by this Protectionist Government in imposing a duty of1s. per cwt. on straw. The primary producers have not a Combine; but the Government have imposed for their benefit a duty of1s. per cwt., which the Committee, in its wisdom, have indorsed. The duty works out at about one-eleventh of 1d. per lb.; but when it is a question of soap, the production of which is controlled by wealthy Combines, the duties are6d., 7d., and 9d. per lb. Perhaps the Minister ('Senator Russell) will explain the disparity. Are the Government imposing the duty on straw to lead the primary producers to believe that their interests are being safeguarded?

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