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Tuesday, 9 August 1921

Senator RUSSELL (Victoria) (VicePresident of the Executive Council) . - Formerly this article could not be produced in Australia, but now exactly the same article is being produced.

Senator Drake-Brockman - No ; if the analyses be compared it will be found that in one very important particular there is a considerable difference.

Senator RUSSELL - In moisture?

Senator Drake-Brockman - No ; in fats.

Senator RUSSELL - However, the point is that this article is very largely used for soda fountains, which have become so popular of late years in the cities of Australia, and if the request were agreed to a very large portion of the milk so used would be found coming in as infants' and invalids' foods. I have information here showing that the malted' milk manufactured in Australia is of good quality, and is used in our own hospitals. I also have comparisons relating to the malted food made by what are called the British Horlick companies ; but, as there are three American factories and only one small one in England, I prefer to call them the American-British companies. The net prices in 1916 for Horlick's milk compare as follows with the quotations for to-day: - No. 1 size, 3-lb. 14-oz. tin, 12s. 2d., 17s; No. 2 size, 10-lb. tin, 22s. 8d., 29s.; No. 3 size, for hospitals, 57-lb. tin, 90s., 129s. 10d. The local prices - for an almost exactly similar article - are, respectively, 15s. 4d., 25s. 7d., and 117s. 9d.

Senator Drake-Brockman - The comparisons provide a very strong argument against the imposition of a duty.

Senator RUSSELL - Not necessarily. As I have pointed out over and over again, the natural protection afforded by high freights is steadily passing. I suppose that, in normal periods, freight quotations would be 75 per cent. lower than those which ruled during the war.

Senator Drake-Brockman - Freights would not make a difference of1d. per tin.

Senator Earle - Can the Minister furnish an analysis of the two articles?

Senator RUSSELL - I provided the particulars last week, but they are as follow : -


There are rather more proteids in Horlick's than in the local product, but there are less carbohydrates; and the moisture in the imported food is greater. Altogether, the best expert advice is to the effect that the twolines are practically identical.

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