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Friday, 5 August 1921

Senator RUSSELL (Victoria) (VicePresident of the Executive Council) . - The following are the average prices per lb. of imported condensed milk and dried milk, as shown in the official statistics : -


It will be seen from those figures that there is no valid reason for admitting unsweetened milk at a lower rate of duty than sweetened milk. The high value of unsweetened milk in 1917-18 was due to importations from Norway, which were, no doubt, of a special kind - probably tinned cream. The importations of sweetened condensed milk over a number of years are shown as follows : -

In 1913, 120,786 lbs., valued at£ 2,913; 1914- 15, 1,080,460 lbs., valued at £24,134; 1915- 10, 1,617,833 lbs., valued at £39.354; 1916- 17, 39,482 Km., valued at £ 1,305; 1917- 18, 7,271 lbs., valued at £232; 1918-19, 15,657 lbs., valued at £478; 1919-20, 37,876 lbs., valued at £1,263.

These particulars reveal very rapid decreases in the importations - due, of course, to the establishment in Australia of such works as Nestle's. These establishments have proved of considerable value to our dairying industry.

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