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Wednesday, 3 August 1921

The CHAIRMAN - -Their attitude must be quite clear to themselves. ' They may act. as they think fit in regard to Senator Lynch's proposal. If that be not carried, any further proposal will be considered.

Senator PAYNE - If any Queensland senator should contribute further to this discussion, I should like him to make clear to the Committee why it is necessary to continue the present method of railing bananas from Gympie to Melbourne. If there be no possibility of marketing the fruit by means of seacarriage, consideration, of course, must be given to that fact. But up to the present time nobody has intimated whether a cheaper method of transportation cannot be adopted. Upon the figures which have been submitted to us to-day, it costs more to market in- Sydney a case of bananas from Gympie than it does to forward a case of bananas from Levuka to Sydney or Melbourne.

Senator Crawford - What are the respective distances?

Senator PAYNE - The cost of sending bananas from Gympie to Melbourne ought to be infinitely less than the cost of transporting bananas from Fiji to Melbourne, as the distance in the former case is so much shorter. In dealing, with this matter, we must consider the cost of marketing the article which is required for consumption. If we have no reliable figures iu that connexion, we cannot arrive at an accurate conclusion.

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