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Friday, 29 July 1921

Senator CRAWFORD (Queensland) - The real difficulty in the utilization of molasses is the high cost of transport, combined with the high cost of containers, which have, of course, to be returned empty to the different sugar ports.

Senator Pearce - To obviate that difficulty we had to get a steamer specially fitted up with tanks.

SenatorCRAWFORD. - Molasses is imported from Fiji in a tank steamer specially built for the purpose. It is moored alongside the sugar mill wharfs, the molasses is poured into the tanks, and when the vessel arrives at Sydney it is pumped out again. The only way in which the molasses that is at present going to waste in Queensland can be profitably utilized is by establishing distilleries in the sugar districts, and that requires considerable capital. It was found impracticable to raise the necessary capital for that purpose during the war when there was a good market for methylated spirits and other products of molasses. Ican assure honorable senators that it is not due to any lack of consideration of the matter by those engaged in the sugar industry that a profitable use has not so far been found for molasses.

Senator Lynch - What do they do with it in Queensland. Do they pump it into the rivers?

SenatorCRAWFORD. - No, it is used chiefly as a fuel, of which very large quantities are required in the process of the manufacture of sugar.

Item agreed to. division iv.- agricultural products and groceries.

Item 33-

Animal foods n.e.i. per cental, 2s.

Senator GUTHRIE (VICTORIA) - I should like some information as to the foods which are covered by this item.

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