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Tuesday, 26 July 1921

Senator JOHN D MILLEN (TASMANIA) . - I have listened to both Senator Wilson and the Minister for Repatriation (Senator E. D.. Millen), and I agree with both. I agree that there should be a limit to the expenditure, and also a time limit. We have to look for a precedent; and we find that in the conditions imposed on the Public Works Committee and the Public Accounts Committee, in regard to both of which Parliament has placed a limit on the expenditure. I say definitely that I am absolutely opposed to the proposed Board - :let there be no misunderstanding as to that-4-and if I had an opportunity I should kill it. If we do not place a limit to the expenditure we shall have an experience similar to that of the Inter-State Commission, which had all the functions of this Board, and which, £ am informed, cost about £100 a day to run. If we leave the matter perfectly open, so that the expenditure may be what the Board or the Minister desires, over a period of, say, two years, we shall have to face something that we shall not like. I think, in common with others, that there are far too many Boards for economy and for the good of this Parliament. We must shoulder our responsibilities as a Parliament, and the more Boards there are - many of which are beyond our control - the more responsibilities we shall have as the representatives of the electors. As I say, I am totally opposed to the Board, and I shall support the amendment.

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