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Tuesday, 26 July 1921

Senator DRAKE-BROCKMAN (Western Australia) . - I intend also to support the amendment, although I am not sure that Senator Wilson has been quite liberal enough. He might have gone a little further. I am not like Senator Benny in this regard, because I do not desire to ' ' curb the extravagance of the Government," since I believe the desire of the Government in these days is to be very economical. What I wish to do is to curb the possible extravagance of the Board itself, because clause 17 provides that the Board may meet when and as often as it likes. We shall be very wise to clip its wings in advance by limiting under this Bill, the amount that may be expended on it. The reasons I gave when dealing with Senator Bolton's amendment are most applicable to this case. I then pointed out the constitutional limitations on the activities of the Board, which will very much reduce the amount of work that will be actually done by it. It oer.tainly will not be able to do as much as was evidently contemplated by the Government when they brought this proposal to Parliament. Consequently, I incline to the- opinion that probably £3,000 will be somewhere in the vicinity of what is required.

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