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Tuesday, 26 July 1921

Senator BENNY (South Australia) . - I intend to support the amendment. We are justified in going almost to any length to prevent the reckless extravagance of which the Government are guilty in connexion with this measure. There is no doubt that .the Board is only an advisory body. All it has to do is to take evidence, and report to the Minister, yet the Government are forming it on de luxe lines - lines of luxurious extravagance. As Senator Payne suggests, it is to be a very luxurious Board. When the time arrives, I intend to move for the recommittal of clause 5, so that we may constitute the Board of members of Parliament, who will do the work for their £1,1300 a year, as they are quite willing to do. We know that there are members of this Parliament who are willing to- sit and exercise the functions of the proposed Board.

Senator Henderson - If the other two members of the Board were lawyers, do you think £3,000 a year would satisfy them ?

Senator BENNY - Lawyers are the most generous of people. If there is one section of the community who have to do more work for nothing than the legal profession, I do not know of it. Pending the amendment of clause 5 on recommittal in the way I suggest, the next best step to solve the difficulty created by the extravagance of the Government in proposing an expensive Board is to carry Senator Wilson's amendment. I hope that, if carried, it will be some curb on the extravagance of the Government, and that later I shall have the support of the Senate in the recommittal of clause 5, so that we may, put the Board on a still better* footing.

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