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Tuesday, 26 July 1921

Senator PRATTEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) .- I move-

That the word " Fourteen " be left out with a view to insert in lieu thereof the word " Fifteen."

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN - I have already ruled the honorable senator's amendment out of order, . and if he objects, he must dissent from my ruling.

Senator PRATTEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) - I dissent from your ruling, Mr. Temporary Chairman, and now submit my objection in writing in the usual way.

In the Senate :

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN (Senator Buzacott - During the consideration of the Tariff Board Bill in Committee on Thursday last, Senator Earle moved -

That the words " which, together with his salary, shall not exceed Fourteen hundred pounds a year " be left out.

That amendment was rejected. Later, Senator Pratten desired to move that the word ' ' Fourteen" be left out for the purpose of inserting the word " Fifteen." I ruled the amendment out of order as a contravention of standing order 145, which provides -

No amendment shall be proposed to be made to any words which the Senate has resolved shall not be left out. . . .

Senator Prattenhas dissented from my ruling in the following terms : -

That the Chairman's ruling be disagreed with on the grounds that Senator Earle's amendment dealt only with the sum of ?200, and that this was the only question before the Chair. Any other decision) would unduly restrict the Senate when dealing with the clause as printed.

I submit the matter for your decision, Mr. President.

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