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Friday, 22 July 1921

Senator REID - I have no desire to instruct the- Department as to= how it. shall conduct its business. All I say is that under the heading of " Contingencies," Victoria ought to receive £5,000 less than it is- proposed to appropriate for that purpose. It is a compact little State, and the- people of the- other States are not yelling for economy in the same way as are the people of Victoria. We have not an Australian Legion in Queensland whose members are running round the country trying to cony.ert the heathen. In Victoria, these young men are anxious to instruct' this Parliament in the matter of how it shall ruu the country. Pro: bably we shall have a deputation from tliem to the Senate to thank, us' for our action in this connexion. I trust that Victorian senators, who are absent' from the chamber, will be sent for, so that they may give me their support.

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