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Thursday, 21 July 1921

Senator E D MILLEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) - It is Roe's estate, at Waratah, near Newcastle- -the estate which has been chiefly condemnedby the Public Accounts Committee.

Senator Duncan - The one which is mostly under water'?

Senator E D MILLEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) - It is subject to inundation. The report reads -

War Service Homes -Commission. (N.S.W. Branch), 114a Pitt-street, Sydney, 17th November, 1919.

The Commissioner, Melbourne.

Roe's Subdivision, "Waratah, 'Newcastle.

I beg to submit the above subdivision for purchase for immediate building operations.

I have made an inspection, and' the property is four minutes from the Waratah railway station and four minutes from the Mayfield tram. Fares - railway, 5d., 4d.; tram, 3d.; and contains approximately 12½ acres, and is right in the centre of a large industrial area, with tram service, and is about . 2¾ miles from the G.P.O, Newcastle.

The property has . been subdivided, all the roads constructed, blue metalled and gravelled, with footpaths, and have been taken over by the Municipal Council.

The land is excellent, good top, splendid bottom for building sites, level, well-drained, is very healthy, and is situated in a very popular residential and industrial area, selfcontained.

In connexion with this subdivision, the vendor has also offered the seven blocks in Roe and Southern streets adjoining, and . negotiations were opened for £8,500 for the total properties.

After -subsequent interviews the vendor has now placed under offer to me the whole of the property for the sum of £8,100.

The area . gives me a total of . 3,728 feet frontage to roads, upon which we could enter into possession, and 'Commence immediate building operations.' This price works out at approximately £2 3s. per foot. Although this is not cheap for our purpose, it compares very . favorably with property in the vicinity. This subdivision is, without doubt, one of "the best . propositions in Waratah, and much inferior land has recently been sold from £2 10s. to £3 per foot. As a . good, sound, ready-to-build proposition, I do not think wo could do better in order to 'expedite our immediate building operations. The subdivisional plan attached hereto shows the blocks averaging 39.7 feet each, consequently these blocks would cost the soldier applicants an average of £85 8s., which would be very reasonable for this class of property.

I have : an option, and this offer remains open to me until the 20th instant.

Plan of the . subdivision is attached hereto, and I recommend the . property for purchase, viz., the . subdivision and the seven blocks aforesaid,at a total price not exceeding £8,100.

Water, . sewer, and gas mains are laid on, and . electric light is available by giving due notice for connexion to the Council. ! ' ' ' ' W. j. Earle,

Supervising Engineer.

That is signed by W. J. Earle, supervising engineer, and underneath it : is the following -

Having in view the prices paid for land in this locality, I am 'of opinion that the price asked is very reasonable. The streets ore formed, and the land . is -ready , for building on.

That is signed by J. T. H. Goodwin, SurveyorGeneral. That -was the report which came to me with a recommendation from the Commissioner that the estate should be purchased.

Senator GUTHRIE (VICTORIA) - Who is Mr. Earle, who made the report ?

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