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Thursday, 21 July 1921

Senator BOLTON (Victoria) .- The Boards which have been appointed in this country during the past five or six years have certainly reflected no credit" upon the Government, nor have they given satisfaction to the people. For various reasons many Boards have. been appointed, and most of them have proved futile. Nevertheless, I think that it is necessary to create a Board if the very important duties which are outlined in the Bill are to be properly discharged... The only matter with which I am concerned is the constitution of the Board. If its work is worth doing, it is worth doing well; and if we desire a job to be done well we must pay well for it. With Senator Crawford, I should like to see the proposed Board constituted of three salaried men, who would be wholly responsible to the Government for the performance of their duties. If we appoint to it two outside business men at a certain rate of remuneration per sitting, much of the work will he done in a perfunctory manner. If it is not possible to create a Board consisting of three paid members, then the suggestion of Senator Fairbairn that the chairman should be a public servant, and that one of the other members should be chosen from the House of Representatives and one from the Senate, is, I think, a good one.

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