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Thursday, 21 July 1921

Senator RUSSELL (VICTORIA) (Vice-President of the Executive Council) - On the 14th July, 1921, Senator Duncan asked the Minister, representing the Minister for Trade and Customs the following questions: -

1.   What appointments have been made under the Navigation Act?

2.   What are the qualifications (certificates held, with dates of issue) . 'and practical experience of the work entailed of the appointee to each position I ' '' "

3.   What are the salaries paid?

I am now in a position to give the information Bought for which has been supplied to mo in the following terms; -

Position.-Director of Navigation (J. K.


Ge-rti/icate,- Extra Master's, Foreign-going, issued August, 1908.

Eexperience.- 1914-16 - In command Australian transports Boonah, Barunga, Boorara; 1916-17 - representative of Commonwealth Shipping Board at Port Pirle, South Australia; resigned to volunteer for active service) 1918- appointed Inspector of Transports, United Kingdom, in which capacity was responsible for the equipment and fitting in England of all Australian transports.

Salary.- £800 per annum.

AwiKon.- Deputy Director of Navigation, New South Wales (G. D., Williams).

Certificate.- Master's Certificate, Foreigngoing, issued l5th March, ' 1908.

Experience.- Attached for ' some years to State Public Service of Victoria) served five years with Commonwealth Naval Forces; awarded. D.S.O : .

Salary, - £654 par annum.'

Position.- Deputy Director of Navigation, Queensland (N. G. Boskruge). ^.Certificate. - ExtraMaster's, Foreign-going, issued 3rd January, 1916.

Experience.- At outbreak of war held posi- :..tion"of Chief Officer; volunteered and i . served four. and a. half years with Royal Australian . Navy; for eighteen months prior to. appointment to present position acted as Naval Transport Officer, Sydney.

Salary.- £606 per annum.

Position},- Deputy Director of NavigationVictoria (L. J. Bolger), South Australia (J. Henry), Western Australia (J. J. Aire;).

CerM/icates.- These officers all hold Masters Certificates, Foreign-going; numbers and date of Issue not on record.

Experience.- For periods of over six years prior to. present appointment acted as Distrlct Officers, Commonwealth Lighthouse Service, in States of Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia respectively.

Salary.- £654 per annum.'

Position.- Deputy Director of Navigation, Tasmania (F. W. Hood).

Certificate*,-Extra. Master's, Foreign-going, issued 1895; Marine Surveyor's Certificate, New South Wales, issued 1905.

Experience.- For seven years prior to present appointment was District Officer, Commonwealth Lighthouse Service, Queensland,

Salary.- £516 per annum.

Position.- Frincipal Examiner of Masters and Mates (W. MacGowan).

Certificate.-Extra Master's,' issued 1001.

Experience. - Was for six years principal , of a navigation school in Melbourne and Adelaide.

Salary.-£516 per annum.

Position. - Engineer-Surveyor in Chief and Examiner of Engineers (J. Fadden).

Certificates.- Extra 1st Class Engineer's Certificate, Issued 21st April, 1906; Marine Engineer-Surveyor's Certificate, issued 26th November, 1914.

Experience.-For five and half years was Senior Engineer-Surveyor and Examiner of Engineers, Marine Board of Victoria.

Salary.-- £864 per annum.

Position.- Chief Nautical Surveyor (L. R. Sunderoombe).

Certt/lcafss.- Extra Master's, issued 1906: and Pilotage Exemption Certificates, for nineteen Australian ports.

Experience.- Has had periodic dockyard experience extending over thirteen years; was for thirteen years -in the service of the Adelaide Steam-ship Company, "during: five years of which acted as Master; Chief Officer of Australia's first Hospital ship,Grantala.

Salary.-£600 per annum.

Position-Chief Overseer of Seamen (A. H. D.Gransbury).

Certificate.-Master's, issued I3th April, 1917

Experience.- 1915-17 - In service of Western Australian Government; commanded four-masted barqueCarrabin until sunk by enemy action in United Kingdom waters, October, 1917 ; commanded several H.M. ships, mine-sweeping and patrolling North Sea; February, 1920 - invalided, as physically unfit for further active service.

Salary- £516 per annum.

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