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Wednesday, 20 July 1921

Senator REID (QUEENSLAND) - I did not know the Tariff was fixed by profits.

Senator Bakhap - Things are' too cheap already. If they were not too cheap the manufacturers would not want to raise the Tariff. Senator Guthrie says it is the importers who are making the profits.

Senator REID - All that . Senator Guthrie contended was that we must devise some means to protect the consumers. That is the main thing. The Beard would find out the amount of profits being made out of an industry, and the amount of wages being paid out of it, and ascertain how the industry served the public. That information will be most essential in the future in connexion with the building up of industries under the Tariff, so that we may be able to see that neither one nor the other is profiteering on the public necessities. Along these lines I am willing to support the Bill, and I hope that in Committee the Minister will accept an amendment, because I do not wish to create any more Boards outside if we can find within the Public Service officers who can take on the responsibilities laid down in the Bill.

Senator PRATTEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) - The honorable senator will admit that the word " lossiteering " ought to be mentioned now of'tener 'than " profiteering."

Senator REID - In order to get the information that the Board can gather, I am in favour- of the Bill going through the second reading, and of making an attempt to improve it in Committee.

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