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Wednesday, 20 July 1921
Wednesday, 20 July 1921

ThePresident (Senator the Hon.T. Givens) took the chair at 3 p.m., and read prayers. washington disarmament conference:

Senator BAKHAP.- I ask the Minister representing the Prime Minister if, as perhaps may be expected in thecircumstances, the United States of America does not accord separate representation at the' Conference or Conferences to be held in Washington to all the individual Dominions of the British Empire,will the Government make a timely request to the Imperial authorities for the inclusion of a representative or representatives of the Common wealth of Australia in the per- sonnel of the British Empire Delegation?

Senator E,D. MILLEN. - The honorablesenator will recognise that the question be puts to me without notice is one which can onlybe answered by a Cabinet pronouncement. If, by putting his question on the notice-paper he will give me an opportunity of consulting my colleagues, I hope later during the week to be able to supply him with an answer.

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