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Tuesday, 19 July 1921

Senator DRAKE-BROCKMAN (Western Australia) .- Personallyi. I hope that the Minister for Repatriation (Senator E. D. Millen) will 'see his way clear to go- a. little further than he has gone. If effect be given tohis sugges- tion, the Vice-President Of the Executive Council (Senator Russell) will move the second. Tsadine of the Tariff Board Bill to-morrow,- and, in my opinion, we ought then to proceed with the -eonsideration of that meoswre.

Senator E D MILLEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) -Will the Senate be prepared to go straight on with itf Invariably a request for an adjournment is preferred. But it honorable senators are prepared te f orgo that privilege, a different prospeot opens up. .

Senator DRAKE-BROCKMAN - Personally,I am prepared to go straight on with the consideration of the measure, though other honorable senators nay not be. Assuming that there is a sufficiently strong feeling in this Chamber, to reject, the Tariff Board Bill-

SenatorRussell.- Howmany honorable senators -support the honorable senator's view?

SenatorDRAKE-BROCKMAN. - I have not had an opportunity of consulting them. But I know that there is a very strong feeling here that we. are putting the. cart before the horse.

Senator E D MILLEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) - We do. not mind putting the horse before the cart so long as honorable senators will allow the horse to go straight on without an adjournment.

Senator DRAKE-BROCKMAN - I have expressed my own opinion in that connexion and, in spite of the gibe of the Vioe-Presjdent of the Executive Council, I cannot pretend to speak for the whole Senate.

Senator Russell -i did not intend any . gibe. I merely -wanted toknow how many honorable senators are prepared to proceed, with the. debateupon the Tariff Board Bill,

Senator DRAKE-BROCKMAN - I cannot say how many . there are. The Government . have a Whip; -why do they not use Mm, instead of asking me tbat question ? It is perfectly true, as Senator E. D. Milieu said, that if there is a strong enough opinion in the Senate to throw out the Tariff Board Bill, there is also a strong enough opinion to hold up the schedule. Assuming that that opinion exists here, will it not be quicker to deal with the Tariff Board Bifi, and have it out of the way, and know where we are, than to;nave to go tack and reconsider the whole schedule f Weaken save a great deal more time -by getting the Tariff Board Bill out of the road than by dealing with the schedule, -and then throwing that Bill out, and having to -come back to -the schedule because we have rejected the proposal for a Board.

Senator E.D.Millen(New Booth Wales - Minister for Repatriation) [9.17].- I agree with Senator DrakeBrockman aB to the desirableness of saving time. The only difference, between us appears to be as to die method by which that desirable objective is to -be achieved. When I spoke a little while ago, I assumed that when Senator Russell had made his second-reading -speech on the Tariff Board Bill there would tie the usual request for an adjournment of the debate'. Then, if we did not go back to the schedule, the Senate would have to adjourn at about 3.30 o'clock to-morrow afternoon until the next day. If the Senate is prepared, however, to go straight on with the second-reading debate on 'the Tariff Board Bill, and carry it to a conclusion, well and good. It is not possible to count heads here, but I shall accept the -silence of the Senate as implying consent to the proposition that when the second reading is moved to-morrow we shall go straight on with the debate without -any adjournment. If that course is approved, there can be no objection to reporting progress on the Tariff now.

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