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Tuesday, 19 July 1921

Senator DUNCAN (New South Wales) . - I . cannot agree with the VicePresident of the Executive Council (Senator Russell) that the request which has been preferred by Senator Drake-Brockman is an unimportant, one. It is so vitally important that I fail to see how we can make progress with the consideration of this Bill until the principle involved in the Tariff Board Bill has been settled. The measure which is now before us provides that the British preferential duties cannot come into operation, until a proclamation has been issued, and that proclamation cannot be issued until after the creation of the Tariff Board. Consequently there is very good reason for deferring consideration of this Bill until we have decided whether or not the Tariff Board shall l?e created. To my mind, that is an insuperable obstacle to the course which has been proposed by the Minister. I hope that he will be reasonable, and that, even at this late hour he will agree to postpone the further consideration of the measure until we have had an opportunity of discussing the provisions of the Tariff Board Bill.

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