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Tuesday, 19 July 1921

Senator E D MILLEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) - Senator Pratten,last week, asked the following questions : -

1.   Are there any embargoes in existence upon import of goods into the Commonwealth apart from German trade; and if so, what restrictions arc in force, and upon what commodities do they operate?

2.   Are any importations from Germany now allowed under special conditions; and if so, to what goods do they apply, and under what circumstances?

I am now able to furnish the honorable senator with the following replies: -

1.   Yes. A list is attached of articles, &c, prohibited from importation into the Commonwealth.

2.   Yes. Goods, principally machinery and materials required for local industries and unobtainable from other sources.


The following articles are prohibited importations: -

1.   "Actina" appliance. Whether described by that or any other name; manufactured by the Actina Appliance Co., Kansas City, Mo., U.S.A.

2.   Advertising matter for use in connexion with the exhibition of moving pictures or cinematograph shows unless -

(a)   one specimen of each piece of advertising matter is deposited with the Commonwealth Film Censorship;

(b)   the advertising matter has been passed for importation by the Commonwealth Film Censorship; and

(c)   the importer gives security in such form and for such amount as the Collector of Customs for the State in which the advertising matter is imported deems necessary that the advertising matter shall not be used in connexion with the exhibition of moving pictures or cinematograph shows in the Commonwealth otherwise than in the form in which it was passed for importation by the Commonwealth Film Censorship, and without any direct or indirect addition thereto, or comment thereon, to which the consent of the . Commonwealth Film Censorship has not been first obtained.

In this Proclamation advertising matter includes posters, photographs, sketches, programmes, slides, and other advertising matter intended for use in connexion with the exhibition of moving pictures or cinematograph shows.

3.   "Anzac." Goods bearing the word " Anzac " or any word resembling " Anzac."

4.   "Antidipso" (Ward Chemical Co., England). " Dipsocure " (The Carlton Chemical Co., England). "Dipsosava " (Venn's Chemical Co., England). "Drink Habit Cure" (Neale Institute, Des Moines, Iowa). "The Keeley Cure" for drunkenness, neurasthenia, opium habit, tobacco habit . (The Leslie E. Keeley Co., Dwight, Illinois). "Wood's Treatment for Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco Habits" (E. J. Woods Ltd.,. London), and any other preparation purporting to be a remedy for drunkenness, alcoholic habit, opium habit, tobacco habit, cocaine habit, or other drug habits.

5.   Apperinc. A substitute for hops.

6.   Beerinc. A preparation containing picric acid, and used in the manufacture of beverages.

7.   Belts. Electric or magnetic, or any belt, articlo of wearing apparel, article for toilet use, or appliance, which is alleged or intended to produce a therapeutic effect by electrie or magnetic influences or by the presence of radio-active elements.

8.   Bibles, prayer books, hymnbooks, or other books or printed matter which are printed in the German language and are intended for use in the Lutheran Church in Australia.

9.   Blasphemous, indecent, or obscene works or articles.

10.   Carbide of calcium.

11.   " Cancerine " medical preparation, whether described by that or any other name, manufactured by the National Cancer Cure Co., Twickenham, Middlesex, England.

12.   Cinematograph Films, except under the conditions prescribed by the Customs (Cinematograph Films) Regulations.

13.   Cornsacks. Unless complying with the standard hereinafter set out, and unless the bales containing those cornsacks are plainly branded or marked with the trade name, measurement, weight, porter, and shot of the cornsacks therein contained. The standard for cornsacks is as follows: -

Size- 41 inches by 23 inches.

Weight when baled - 2¼ lbs.

Substance - 8 porter, 9 shot.

14.   Dolichos, Dolichos Down, Dolichos Pubcs, Cowhage, Cowitch, Juckpulver, Cachoo, Electric Snuir, and Balkan or Suffragette Bombs (whether described by these or any other names), and all articles or preparations of a similar character.

15.   Dyes, other than of British origin.

16.   Eggs (not in shell) in liquid form. Whites and yolks combined, and whites and yolks separately, when imported for use in articles of food, except when they are accompanied by a certificate from the health authority of the district in which the material is prepared that the eggs used are clean and sound, and that the material is prepared and packed under such conditions as to premises and methods as may be considered Jiygienically satisfactory, and that such material is free from preservative.

17.   Essence of Lager Beer.

18.   Essences of Whisky, Rum, Brandy, Cognac, Maraschino, Absinthe, Curacoa, Gin, Hollands, Kirsch, Kirschwasscr, and Oil of Cognac, or any similar artificial aromas or essences.

19.   Ferrets.

20.   "Galvo Filter and Water Sterilizer." Whether described by that or any other name.

21.   Goods manufactured by any manufacturer who employs prison labour, which are of a like character to -

(a)   any goods, manufactured by such manufacturer, manufactured wholly or in part by prison labour; or

(b)   any 'goods, manufactured by such manufacturer, made wholly or in part within or in connexion with any prison, gaol, or penitentiary.

22.   Goods (other than sugar) packed in a bag or sack if the weight of the goods and the weight of the bag or sack together exceed 200 pounds. Sugar packed in a bag or sack if the weight of the goods and the weight of the bag or sack together exceed 200 pounds, and the bag or sack, in regard to unshipment, must necessarily be carried on the back of the person employed in handling it.

23.   Goods to which is attached the seed of any plant the importation of which is prohibited.

24.   Goods marked in a language other than the language of country of origin, unless there is applied to such articles, or to the coverings thereof, as the case may be, in conjunction with the markings referred to, wherever such marking appears, and in conspicuous and legible characters, a definite qualifying statement in the English language indicating the country in which the articles were made or produced.

25.   Goods bearing the word " Bosch."

26.   Hop aromas, boquets, essences, extracts, flavours, oils, and any articles of a like nature, and any substitutes for or imitations of any such articles, whether simple or compounded in any manner with other material, and being capable of use in the making of beer, or in brewing process, or for addition to beer. (Hop Economizer, Ambrew, and Optanin come within the terms of this Proclamation.)

27.   " Hypno Magnetic Vibrant." Whether described by that or any other name, and any printed matter relating thereto issued or published by Norman Barclay, Argyle House, Kensington, High-street, London.

28.   Hypnotic crystals, gazing crystals, crystal balls for clairvoyant crystal gazing, mysterious lucky stones, Oriental lucky stones, mysterious oracles, and all similar articles, whether described by the names specified or by any other names, and also of printed matter relating to these goods.

29.   "J.B.L. Cascade" appliance. Whether described by that or any other name manufactured by C. A. Tyrrell, M.D., New York, U.S.A., and all printed matter issued or published by the said C. A. Tyrrell.

30.   Leather, or manufactures thereof, when for human wear, containing any proportion of barium sulphate or other barium compounds. 31-32. Literature wherein is advocated -

(a)   the overthrow by force or violence of the established Government of the Commonwealth, or of any State, or of any other civilized country;

(b)   the overthrow by' force or violence of all forms of law;

(c)   the abolition of organized Government ;

(e)   the unlawful destruction of property; or

(f)   wherein a seditious intention is expressed, or a seditious enterprise advocated.

33.   Manure containing calcium cyanamide, or any similar poisonous substance, or arsenic, or any other irritant poisonous substance in a proportion sufficient to render the manure poisonous if inhaled, or if deposited on the mucous membranes or skin of man, unless it is so packed as to allow of the packages being handled without escape of any of the contents, and unless, in the case of manure containing calcium cyanamide, or any similar poisonous substance in such a proportion, each package is plainly labelled or marked with a statement that it contains a poison, and that care must be taken to prevent it from being inhaled or deposited on the skin or mucous membranes.

34.   Matches and vestas, containing the substance usually known as white or yellow phosphorus.

35.   Maxim and other similar silencers for use with firearms.

36.   Medicines, homoeopathic, manufactured at the General Dispensary of Count Caesar Mattel, Palais Mattei, Bologna, Italy.

37.   Oleomargarine, butterine, or any similar substitute for butter, unless coloured and branded as described.

38.   Opium, raw and prepared, is prohibited from importation absolutely.

The importation of medicinal opium, morphine, cocaine, and heroin, as hereinafter defined - the salts of morphine; the salts of cocaine; the salts and preparations of heroin which contain more than 0.1 per centum of heroin; all preparations (officinal and nonoflicinal), including remedies which arc advertised as anti-opium remedies, which contain more than 0.2 per centum of morphine, or more than 0.1 per centum of cocaine; and all new derivatives of morphine or of cocaine, or their respective salts, and every other alkaloid of opium which may be shown by scientific research, generally recognised,1 to be liable to similar abuse and productive of like ill-effects, is prohibited, unless, imported by persons licensed by the Collector of Customs in accordance with the Proclamation.

39.   " Orange Lily Suppositories " medicinal preparation. Whether described by that or any other name, manufactured by the Coonley Medicine Co., Inc., Detroit, Mich., U.S.A.

40.   " Oxydonor." Whether described by that or any other name, manufactured by Dr. G. Sanche and Co., Detroit, Mich., U.S.A.

41.   " Oxygenator." Whether described by that or any other name, manufactured by the Oxygenator Co., Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.

42.   " Oxygenopathy." The instrument or appliance known as, and all similar articles. (The appliance known as "Oxyhealer" cornea within the scope of this prohibition.)

43.   Packages, containers, or appliances used for manufacturing, keeping, or holding moist or liquid food substances which shall have in contact with such moist or liquid food, a surface -

(a)   consisting wholly or in part of lead or zinc; or

(b)   consisting of any metal alloy containing more than 10 per centum by weight of lead or zinc; or

(c)   tinned inside with a metal alloy containing more than 1 per centum by weight of lead; or

(d)   containing enamel or glaze, or indiarubber, or gutta-percha, which, on boiling for thirty minutes with vinegar, containing 4 per centum by weight of acetic acid, yields lead or antimony to the latter; or

(e)   containing more than one-fourth of one grain of arsenicum per pound of metal alloy, or enamel, or glaze, or india-rubber, or gutta-percha.

44.   Pamphlet entitled, " Bond Certificate Campaign - First Loan of the Elected Government of the Republic of Ireland " - issued by the American Commission on Irish Independence, National "Head-quarters, 411 Fifthavenue, New York.

45.   "Pistols and Revolvers - Stupefying Gas." Whether described by that or any other name, and any instruments or appliances of a like kind. (These appliances age also known as " Scheintot-pistole," from Burges-muller and Sonne, Germany).' " Dedless," cartridges for such pistols; "Disinfecting Pistols," and "Repeating Gas Pistols."

46.   Plumage and skins of the birds mentioned in the schedule hereunder, unless it is proved to the satisfaction of the Comptroller-General of Customs that the plumage and skins were imported for educational or scientific purposes : -


The Birds of Paradise, the Humming Birds, the Pheasants, the Fish Hawk or Osprey, the Crowned Pigeon, any of the several species of Large-crested Pigeons of tho genus Goura, inhabiting New Guinea and the adjacent islands, tho Owls (family Strigidaj), the Kingfishers, the Macaws, any parrot of the genus Sittace or Macrocercus, the Stork Tribe, the Heron, the Ibises and Spoonbills, the Todies, the Cock of the Rock, the Quezal, or Resplendent Trigon.

47.   Publication entitled, " The Irish Republic, Why?"

48.   Rubber-covered Wire, on and from 1st July, 1919, unless there is applied to each coil, in as permanent a manner as practicable, a label setting out in prominent and legible characters the following information, viz.: -

(a)   The manufacturer's name and address; (b) the length of wire;

(e)   the insulation resistance per statute mile after twenty-four (24) hours' immersion in . water at sixty ( 60 ) degrees Fahrenheit, and one minute's electrification at......... volts (the voltage to be plainly marked on the label), or details of the test voltage applied, or any other definite and comprehensive description of quality. and in the case of the undermentioned goods, unless, in addition to the particulars required to be stated under clauses (a), (b), (c), and (d), set out above, the conditions specified hereunder are complied with, viz.: - " Vulcanized india-rubber, insulated electric conductors of all sizes up to and including 19/12 legal standard wire gauge, or its equivalent (but not including flexibles' and lead-covered wires) that are described, or, in the opinion of an officer of Customs, are classifiable as 600 or 2,500 megohm grade or class, or to which any description, indication, or suggestion, direct or indirect, applied, indicates "that the insulation resistance is equivalent to that specified for GOO or 2,500 megohm grade or class, shall comply with the prescribed requirements and tests on arrival in the Commonwealth."

49.   " Sequarine." The preparation so known, in any form.

50.   Song, entitled, "The Sinn Fein Volunteers."

51.   Spirits - Imitation Brandy.

52.   Stoats and Weasels.

53.   Sugar.

54.   " Tubereulozyne, the Remedy for Consumption," Whether described by that name or any other naxne, manufactured by Derk P. Yonkerman Co. Ltd., London.

55.   Uniforms, Badges, &c. - Naval, Military, Police, or other official uniforms or badges, or any uniforms or badges so nearly resembling any such uniforms or badges as aforesaid, as to be calculated to deceive or of any goods to which is applied a representation of any badges aforesaid.

56.   "Viavi," booklet entitled, "How to use "Viavi," published by The Viavi Co., San Francisco, U.S.A.

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