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Friday, 8 July 1921

Senator PAYNE (Tasmania) .- The. point raised' by Senator Senior is worthy of consideration. It would be: more satisfactory if- we had a definite rule controlling, the payment of salaries and increments throughout the Service. I do not. think that it would bet at all a" bad thing to make provision in the- Bill itself for- annual increments in allcases:

Senator Cox - Would the honorable senator grants an, increase- of salary- every year.. to a, man whether-, he deserved' it or not?-

SenatorPAYNE. - The interjection shows , that: Senator.Cox. has not read the clause very carefully. It provides that, under departmental regulations, or By order, of the Governor- General, in Council, increments other than- annual increments may. be granted. Senator Senior wishes to, provide that, only annual increments shall be granted.

Senator Pearce - Irrespective of financial considerations? The honorable senator would handicap Parliament.

Senator PAYNE - I should be glad to hear Senator Pearce's objection to the proposal.

Senator Pearce - There will be a regulation controlling increments, and we provide in the clause that they shall be annual, except where otherwise prescribed.

Senator PAYNE - I confess that Senator Senior's amendment seems to me a very reasonable one.

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