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Friday, 8 July 1921

Senator SENIOR (South Australia) . - Up to the present moment the word "classification" has been applied almost exclusively throughout the Service to the character of the work performed by an officer,- whereas the word "grading" has been applied to the officer himself. An officer was either in the first, second or third grades of such and such a classification.

Senator Russell - But the word "grading " has no different meaning from the word " classification." May I tell the honorable senator that I- have accepted this amendment upon the re* commendation of the Acting Public Service Commissioner.

Senator SENIOR - If that is to be regarded as a convincing argument there is no reason why the Government should submit the Bill for our consideration at all.

Senator Russell - The Acting Public Service Commissioner is the officer who has had most experience of .the working of the Service, and he desires the amendment to be made.

Senator SENIOR - If we strike out the words- " or grading ".we shall make the word "classification" cover the whole position. The Minister cannot deny that there are grades in the Service to-day. The term classification distinguishes between the different classes of work, yet the honorable gentleman nowadvances the argument that these words mean one and the same thing. " Grading,". I contend, applies to the officers themselves, and " classification" to their work.

Amendment agreed to. '

Consequential amendments agreed to.

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