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Thursday, 7 July 1921

Senator ELLIOTT (Victoria) . - I move -

That the following new sub-clause, be inserted: - "3. Subject, to the confirmation: of the Governor-General, in Council, the Chairman shall have power to overrule any decision of the other members of the Board."

I was greatly impressed yesterday by the arguments of Senator John D. Millen and Senator Thomas, which were directed towards the fact that if the three members of the Board had equal voting power there would be a strong tendency towards dissension. I understand, from the Minister's statements, that in the Dominion of New Zealand there is a Chief Commisioner and two Assistant Commissioners. The Chief Commissioner is paramount, and my amendment is to place the Chairman of the Board in a similar position. Although he would have additional powers, he would, of course, be guidedby the advice and assistance of the other members.

Senator Duncan - He has, under this amendment, the power to override the decisions of the other two.

Senator ELLIOTT - Yes, and that is necessary if difficulties are to be prevented, such as those we have heard of in connexion with the. Board controlling the Cockatoo Island Dockyard. I trust the amendment will have the support of the Committee.

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