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Friday, 13 May 1921

Senator E D MILLEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) -The answers are -

1.   The Governments of Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand have jointly purchased, not the Island of Nauru, but the whole of the undertaking and assets, together with the rights to the guano phosphate deposits in the: islands of Nauru and Ocean Island; of the Pacific Phosphate Company Limited, , to which company the purchase money has been paid.

2.   The Commonwealth Government has to date paid. £1,483,230.

3.   1st July, 1020, £1,470,000; 13th October, 1920,£ 10,500; 31st December, 1920, £ 1,050; 13th January, 1921, £840; 24th January, 1921, £840.

All payments have been made to the: Pacific Phosphate Company, but the last four items refer to amounts paid to employees of the Pacific. Phosphate Company as compensation for their loss of office.

4.   and 5. Until the figures in respect of. the operations under the new conditions for the first year, which closes on the 30th June next, areavailable, it is not possible to furnish an estimateas to the profits to be derived byAustralia.

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