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Friday, 6 May 1921

Senator GARDINER (New South Wales) . - If the Minister is willing to extend to a deceased soldier's step- . mother or foster-mother the privilege of wearing his decoration, then why not also to his sister 1 Provided that such decorations are worn as ornaments, and not in any sense so that they maybe confused with war decorations actually won by the wearer, why should there be these close restrictions ? The Government could frame regulations - much as I abhor them - setting forth how decorations may be worn, as well as by whom. And, while the Committee is considering the privilege, and is basing its consideration upon the degree of affectionate affinity, why should not the right of the unmarried wife be also recognised?

Senator Foster - Our Repatriation Act recognises the unmarried mother.

Senator Pearce - The practice would not do here.

Senator GARDINER - That shows the folly of restricting the wearing of a decoration at all, save in regard to the proviso which I have just indicated. I propose to move to amend Senator Senior's amendment by further adding the word, " sister."

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