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Friday, 6 May 1921

Senator RUSSELL (VICTORIA) (Vice-President of the Executive Council) - The Immigration Act 1901-1920, section 3, paragraphc, prohibits the entry into Australia of " any idiot, imbecile; feeble-minded person, epileptic, person suffering from dementia, insane person, person who has been insane within five years previously, or person who has had two or more attacks of insanity." The precautions taken to see that this law is enforced are briefly as follow: - (a) All. assisted immigrants coming from the United Kingdom are medically examined before setting out for Australia; (b) the master andmedicial officer of oversea ships bringing passengers to Australia are required by the law to make and sign a statement in writing as to whether any of the passengers are suffering from insanity, mental deficiency, &c. ; (c) on the arrival of every vessel from overseas, all the passengers (if any) and members of the crew are examined by a medical quarantine officer, who reports any cases where action is necessary to restrict the persons under the Immigration Act ; (d) in a very few cases, mentally defective persons have been admitted under exemption certificates for limited periods, and subject to substantial guarantees for maintenance being furnished; but, should any person of this class gain admittance without authority, thereis power to deal with him as a prohibited immigrant, and, if necessary; to deport him at the. expense of the person or shipping company responsible for bringing him into Australia.

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