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Thursday, 5 May 1921

Senator ELLIOTT (VICTORIA) asked the Minister for Defense, upon notice-

If the Minister has denied that his letter to General Birdwood did in anywise effect or abrogate the rights of the officers of the A.I.F. to appeal against any decision affecting their military character, how does the Minister explain the following letter sent by Col. T. H. Dodds, D.A.G., A.I.F, dated 17.7.17, as follows: - " Headquarters, 1st Australian Division. "With reference to your 123/116 of 9.7.17 forwarding a letter from Captain G. C. McLennan, A.A.V.C., addressed to the Army Council, concerning his supersession in the A.A.V.C., I am to inform you that it is not proposed to forward this letter to the Army Council, as it relates to a matter of the administration of Australian personnel, with which the Army Council have nothing to do. " Will you please inform Captain McLennan that this matter must now be regarded as closed, and that the G.O.C. hopes that the reports upon him in future will be such that there will be no occasion to supersede him when vacancies again rise. (Sgd.) "T. H. Dodds, Colonel."

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