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Thursday, 21 April 1921

Senator PEARCE - Without knowing exactly what form this list is to take, or what date is to be shown, it is impossible to give any accurate estimate of cost. A somewhat similar proposal was put forward on a previous occasion to compile and publish a' list to show thewar service, in very brief form, of those who served in the Overseas Forces, as well as the names and addresses only of those who volunteered,butwere not accepted or permitted to serve outside Australia. This proposal embraced putting the list on the market for sale in each of the States, and was estimated to cost not less than £25,000; and,after due consideration, the Cabinet decided not to proceed with it. Even if the compilation of such a list were . approved, it would have to be printed to be of any use for public scrutiny, and it is calculated that, providing for only sufficient copies to meet such requirements, the minimumcost would be - Preliminary work by Defence Department, £5,728; printing i,000 copies (just as cheap as 100), £4,500; total, £10,228; or not less than £10,000. It would take from eighteen months to two years to make the list available. It would never be complete owing to new arrivals in the country, who would require their particulars inserted as well as those who were temporarily absent at the time of compilation. After full consideration, it is not thought advisable to take action in the direction suggested by the honorable senator.

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