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Thursday, 21 April 1921

The following Papers were presented : -

Defence . Act. - Regulations amended - Statutory Rules 1921, Nos. 69, 70, 73, 74, 75, 79, 80, 81.

Lands Acquisition Act. - Land acquired at Darlington, Western Australia, for . Postal purposes.

Navy Losses. - Return showing losses of Ships and Auxiliary Ships of Royal Navy for period 4th August, 1914, to 11th November, 1918. (Paper presented to British Parliament.)

Papua- Annual Report for the year 1919-80. Public Service Act -

Appointments. - Department of Trade and Customs- R. P. Allen, R. Grant, J. M. Davidson, H. O'Boyle, J. J. Bourke, R. A.Dowling, F. V. Collins, R. H. Heywood, H. W. Bennetts, W. H. B. Finney, C. McNicol, C. W. Nye, E. J. Tomlin. Promotion of J. R. Halligan, Home and Territories Department.

Shipping Casualties - Merchant Shipping, 1st July, 1914, to 31st December, 1918- Return of . Shipping Casualties . and Loss of Life for period ended 31st December, 1918. (Paper presented to British Parliament.) Treaty of Peace (Germany) Act. - Regulations amended - Statutory Rules 1921, No. 78.

War Service Homes Act. - Land acquired in New South Wales at Campbelltown, Double Bay, Goulburn, Kogarah, Waratah (two notifications).

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