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Thursday, 15 July 1915

Senator BARKER (VICTORIA) - No, they could not do that.

Senator BAKHAP - They dare not attempt to do so with anything like logical argument. But these are the people who pose as nationalists, who want to repair the breaches in the Federal ship. They refuse every overture, and they are going to stand on the platforms of Australia and pose as the real Federalists. They are not Federal: they are only Socialistic. They do not care what the States do, so long as it is done on Socialistic lines; and even if what is done be an absolute negation of the Federal idea, so dear to the people of Australia when Federation was consummated. .Senator Ready. - The honorable senator was himself a " red-ragger " once.

Senator BAKHAP - In what way ?

Senator Ready - The honorable senator was a red-rag Socialist.

Senator BAKHAP - I am now a Socialist who believes in the people having wealth. I believe that every man should be given a free opportunity to exercise his initiative. But I do not believe in a Socialism whose only objective is the cribbing, cabining and confining of the efforts of those who really possess ability and initiative. There is nothing of that kind of Socialism in my composition. I believe that the full effloresence of human effort should be secured to each man possessed of ability, initiative and brains, all of which are factors in the production of wealth. I believe that every man possessing these qualifications should be placed in a position to realize the fullest reward of his efforts. I shall not occupy the attention of the Senate much longer. I have done what I have done honestly. I have said my say. I wish to act federally. I am prepared to do everything possible to make the Constitution what it ought to be in regard to one of the most important functions of the Legislature. My proposal is turned down. I am refused the application of the principle of justice in the decision of whether a man's business or a corporation's enterprise is or is not a detrimental monopoly. And lo and behold, when these measures are submitted to the people, it will be alleged that in opposing them I am an anti-nationalist and a "little Australian," and that those who support them are the true Federalists. Yet they are the very men who refuse to take such action as would in the future absolutely prevent any Government in Australia from acting as some of them have acted, in an anti-Federal way. I have said enough at this stage, and my further utterances in regard to these measures will be made outside of this chamber.

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