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Wednesday, 14 July 1915

Senator READY - There are Liberals who have sense.

Senator Bakhap - This University man is such a fool as to be a Liberal !

Senator READY - There are plenty of Liberals who are prepared to see things in their proper perspective. Here are a few of the facts which he sets out. On page 93 of this little volume, under the heading of " Artificial Manure Manufacturers' Combine," he says -

Whilst Victorian farmers are being charged £4 7s. 6d. per ton, similar super-phosphate is being sold for export to New Zealand for £3 13s. Oil. Customs returns show that 12,881 tons of super-phosphates were exported from Australia in 1913, and their declared value was £47,390, or £3 13s. 6d. per ton. . . .

Another interesting comparison of prices is in regard to South Australia. In this State, prior to 1914, there were two companies manufacturing super-phosphates - the Mount Lyell Company and the Wallaroo Company - and theprice .of super-phosphate was £3 18s. 6d'. It was then cheaper for Victorian fanners in theMallee to buy their fertilizer in South Australia than in Victoria.

At the end of 1913 the Mount Lyell Company absorbed the Wallaroo Company, and anamalgamated company was formed. The- price- in 1914 in South Australia is similar to the Victorian price, viz., £4 7s. 6d. per ton.

Senator Bakhap - Does the honorablesenator say that such a well-conducted enterprise as that of the Mount Lyell Company ought to be ruined or nationalized ?'

Senator READY -I do not. AIT I advocate is that it should be made to sell to the farmer at a fair price.

Senator Bakhap - If it did not sell itssurplus production outside Australia it would not be able to produce for thefarmer at all.

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