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Wednesday, 14 July 1915

Senator READY (Tasmania) .- The Leader of the Liberal party in this chamber has again indicated a complete reversal of form on the part of the party he represents. I represent a State which for months after the outbreak of this great war was stumped by Liberals, advocating fearlessly and practically every. day the watch cry of "Business as usual." They said it was absolutely essential at this juncture in our history that the business affairs of the nation should be carried on.

Senator Findley - It was a boast of the commercial houses.

Senator READY - That is so. At a commercial travellers' banquet in Launceston, Senator Keating made a speech for which his text was, " Carry on Business as usual." The Liberals made appeal after appeal ; they told the members of the Labour party and the public that we must, above all things, keep the wheels of industry revolving as they did prior to the outbreak of the war. -But now we have a sudden change, and an honorable senator asking us on this side to abandon the policy of " Business as usual." If that policy was necessary when the war broke out, is it not more necessary to-day ? In his appeal, Senator Millen asked why we are going on with a scheme for registration if we intend to conduct business as usual.

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