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Friday, 9 July 1915

Senator MILLEN (New South Wales) . - The statement of the Minister of Defence induces me to direct his attention to a possible recurrence of the trouble that has occurred in Western Australia, by reason of an inability to make provision for the increased number of recruits now coming forward. It is a great pleasure to all of us to know that the campaign now proceeding in this State has resulted in more volunteers offering in one week than previously offered in five or six weeks. A similar movement is to take place in New South Wales, which will also greatly increase the number of recruits, and, therefore, there is a possibility of a congestion such as occurred in Western Australia, but on a much larger scale. The Department has not only to provide housing for the new recruits, but, what is equally important, it must also provide instructors. Hitherto there has been sent away every few weeks a number of men corresponding with the number enlisting, but if the recruiting continues to expand at the present rate, it is clear that provision for their reception cannot be made in that way. I -suggest, therefore., that special attention should be given to the subject, and that, apart from tents, housing of a temporary character should be provided. As to instructors, I would remind the Minister of a suggestion which I made some months ago, and that is that an appeal to retired military officers who are past the a

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