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Wednesday, 7 July 1915

Senator KEATING (Tasmania) . - I directed attention to this clause on the second reading of the Bill. It is usually provided in Acts of Parliament, with regard to the service of notices, that they shall he served by post or in some other specified way. Under this clause, it is required merely that a notice shall be " sent." That is very vague. It might be held that the clause would be complied with if notices were prepared and put into the hands of an irresponsible boy. We should have something a little more definite than " sent," because the consequence of the clause would be that a notice sent in any way at all would be binding upon the person to whom it was addressee}, though he might never have seen it.

Senator Guthrie - Put in the words " by registered letter."

Senator KEATING - It need not be by registered letter, bub I think that it should be by prepaid post. I think that we should insert, .after the word " sent," the words " by post." That would not mean that every notice must be sent by post, but it would provide that where a notice is sent by post, and proof is given that it was posted and the postage prepaid, the person to whom it was addressed would be bound by it.

Senator Guthrie - How would the honorable senator prove that?

Senator KEATING - It is proved, so to speak, daily in the Courts.

Senator Guthrie - You might get some boy to post the letter, and he might merely say that he had done so.

Senator KEATING - It is proved by the boy getting into the witness-box, and referring to his stamp book to show that he had posted a certain letter that was given to him. I move -

That after the word "sent" the words "by post " be inserted.

Senator Millen - That is the ordinary daily method of doing a much more important business.

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