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Wednesday, 7 July 1915

Senator READY (Tasmania) .- It seems to me that the two honorable senators who have immediately preceded - me have made out a very good case. It is evident that, in connexion with a complicated business like that of - insurance, there will be an inordinate number of inquiries, especially at the inception of the system. I believe that the Chief Commissioner will be inundated with queries from all over Australia, and it is manifest that he will require the services of a fairly large clerical staff.

Senator Lt Colonel O'LOGHLIN (SOUTH AUSTRALIA) -Colonel Sir AlbertGOULD - His staff should consist of men who are f airly expert in insurance business.

Senator READY - Exactly. They should be men who have had considerable experience of insurance as a business. Is it not possible for the Government to establish a Deputy Commissioner in each State, and to attach him -to the staff of the Deputy Commissioner of Pensions and the Deputy Commissioner of Land Tax? These gentlemen have officers in each of the State capitals, and accommodation could surely be found there for an extra officer. I suggest that a Deputy Commissioner of Insurance should be attached to these offices throughout the States instead of being established in the central office. Then all the demands for local information, instead of having to filter through to the central office, could be dealt with by him promptly, and thus valuable time would be saved. I hope that the "Vice-President of the Executive Council will favorably consider the suggestion.

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